Our team played a central role in Banieczka's technological transformation, developing a seamless communication system for dispersed car wash stations across Poland. We crafted an IoT Core module, executed a microservices-based central system, and introduced a user-friendly front-end application, enabling customers to easily register and utilize mobile payments for a convenient car wash experience.

Banieczka: Revolutionizing Car Wash Services in Poland

Banieczka redefines car washing in Poland, merging advanced technology with easy-to-use systems. This innovative approach turns car washing from a chore into a simple, even enjoyable, experience. Banieczka not only ensures a perfect wash every time but also offers unmatched convenience for today’s smartphone-savvy customer.

Driving Technological Innovation

Our team played a crucial role in Banieczka’s tech progress. We developed a Proof of Concept (POC) for seamless communication across the network of car wash stations. Our creation, an IoT Core communication module, works in harmony with a state-of-the-art executory module. Together, they enable real-time commands and synchronization.

Building a Scalable System

Additionally, we pioneered the central system’s architecture, a marvel of microservices design. It guarantees the system’s scalability, reliability, and adaptability. Alongside this powerful backend, we crafted a user-friendly front-end application. It streamlines registration and introduces customers to effortless service.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Mobile Payments

Furthermore, our app modernizes the payment process. Customers can now pay for car wash services with their mobile devices, bypassing the need for cash or cards. This shift is all about blending speed, convenience, and contemporary style.

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