Our team developed the intelligent software behind Evolt's lamppost charger, precisely calculating energy consumption during EV charging sessions. By analyzing energy patterns, we ensured accurate billing for each EV owner, promoting transparency and trust in the sustainable mobility ecosystem.

EV Charging Made Simple with Evolt

EV Charging Solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) have moved from vision to reality on our streets. As EV popularity grows, so does the need for convenient charging solutions. Evolt’s lamppost charger is designed to blend seamlessly into urban landscapes, meeting this demand.

Innovating with Precision Software

Our team played a crucial role: we developed software that precisely measures energy consumption at charging points. Delving into the complexities of electric power, we crafted a reliable system. We analyzed EV charging patterns and created an algorithm. It instantly updates energy records when a car begins or ends charging.

Fair Pricing through Advanced Billing

Moreover, we mastered the challenge of variable power rates. Our system ensures transparent and equitable pricing. These innovations may seem minor, but they’re key to a just and efficient charging infrastructure.

Leading the Charge in Green Travel

As we advance into an era of sustainable transport, the Evolt charger stands out for its robust design and intelligent software. It’s easy to use, requiring no unique cables or complicated setups, and each unit provides up to 7kW of power. The included RFID system also ensures secure access.

Powering a Sustainable Future

We’re proud to be part of this groundbreaking project. Our goal is clear: make the transition to clean transport straightforward, accurate, and user-centric. Each charging session fuels not only vehicles but also our planet’s greener future.

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