Revolutionizing the amusement industry, we architected Flowst's robust system, optimizing both back-end microservices and front-end user experience. Additionally, our WordPress integration, paired with WooCommerce, birthed a dynamic e-commerce platform, complemented by our cutting-edge, IoT-enabled controllers using Amazon IoT Core.

Flowst: Enhancing Amusement Operations

Flowst stands as a pillar in the amusement industry, ensuring entertainment machines run optimally to boost revenue. We teamed up with Flowst to build a complex yet smooth system that’s the heart of their innovative service.

Pioneering Back-End Design

Our technical experts took on the task of crafting a versatile back-end structure. They used microservices to make the system flexible, easily scalable, and simple to maintain. This solid base lets Flowst effectively control a wide network of amusement devices, significantly improving efficiency.

Crafting an Intuitive User Experience

For the front-end, we aimed to shape a user-centric experience. Our developers and designers worked together to make interactions natural and information clear. We turned features like customizable alerts and machine control into essential, user-friendly tools.

Establishing a Strong Online Presence

We also built Flowst’s online platform, an engaging WordPress site that highlights their technology and enters the e-commerce space. Integrating WooCommerce, we turned the site into a thriving marketplace for Flowst’s specialized equipment.

Innovating with Integrated Controllers

Flowst’s controllers are more than just hardware. Combined with our custom software and Amazon IoT Core, they communicate flawlessly with the main system. This blend of tech maintains a constant check on machines, fine-tuning their operations in real time.

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