Żabka Polska

Our team proudly developed and maintained Żabka Polska's advanced Intranet platform, bridging seamless communication between the company's headquarters and over 9,000 franchisees. Through intricate data integrations, we implemented tools that harness insights for improved operations, underscoring Żabka's legacy as Poland's leader in modern convenience retailing.

Żabka Polska: A Retail Powerhouse

At the heart of Poland’s thriving retail landscape is Żabka Polska. With a legacy spanning over a quarter-century and a network exceeding 9,000 stores, Żabka serves a vast customer base daily. Our team proudly developed and manages a pivotal Intranet platform. This tool is key to Żabka’s efficient operations and its top spot in the convenience store sector.

Fostering Seamless Connections

We aimed to simplify communication between Żabka Polska’s corporate team and its franchisees. Our solution? We developed a suite of straightforward forms and reports. These tools convert complex data into clear, actionable insights, aiding Żabka in its strategic decision-making.

Training for Success

Moreover, we’ve taken the lead in training new franchisees. Our engaging courses and hands-on sessions prepare them for triumph. Consequently, our commitment to education has deepened our relationship with Żabka Polska, emphasizing a culture of perpetual learning.

Digital Support for Superior Service

Additionally, our Intranet enhances Żabka Polska’s customer service, streamlining store operations. It supports the swift shopping experience, diverse services, and the welcoming Żabka Café. We take pride in bolstering Żabka’s growth and sustaining its place as a leader in Poland’s retail sector.

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